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Mom Was Right About Farmhouse Sinks

By Hen & Tilly 0 comments

History of Farmhouse and Apron Sinks

Farmhouse sinks, love them or hate them? Either way, the evolution of apron-front sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks has been one of strictly functionality to an eclectic merge of style, practicality, and sophistication. Oh, and did I forget swag!
Decades ago, the history of farmhouse sinks reveals these sinks were used in rural homes and were initially designed purely for comfort. Women who spent countless hours at the kitchen sink found it extremely useful as the kitchen sink was used to wash dishes, clothes, and children alike. Considered more of a dishpan or dry sink, since they were not connected to plumbing, the design helped to easily fill and drain the sinks. Intended for the comfort of the user, and to reduce back strain and pain, the farmhouse sinks natural ergonomic orientation, made for a more comfortable work environment.
Over the years, farmhouse sinks gained popularity and became a viable option when it came to both contemporary and traditional interior design and became a staple in kitchen remodels. The classic models with their deep utilitarian basins and wide panels which jut out slightly from the surrounding cabinetry – remind us of a time during when the farmhouse sinks were an integral part of everyday life. Today’s style of farmhouse sink is a big thumbs up to the tradition and usefulness of the old school sinks with an added flair of sophistication and charm.
Nonetheless, the farmhouse sinks of yesteryear are different from the modern kitchen sinks of today. This is true not only so in the overall design of the sink, but likewise in the selection of materials used in making it. A porcelain apron-front sink which has a conventional country feel perfectly suits kitchens decorated to match the look and feel of the late 19th and start of the 20th-century farmhouse kitchen.
True to form, the large basin allows for the farmhouse sink to have more than enough depth to accommodate the large basins and pots used to make meal for farm families with a large number of members. The deepness also gives room for soaking several pans and pots for food residue to be removed.
However, don’t let the look fool you; the farmhouse sink is meant to be a solid workhorse for the enthusiastic cook. It is large enough such that no one has a reason to complain about space. It will give room to baking sheets and stockpots, and is deep enough to drastically reduce water spills, splashes, and leaks under the countertops.  
Utilized in all aspects of kitchen and home design, today’s farmhouse sink  manufacturers  alike create these works of art using materials such as fireclay, copper, stainless steel, concrete, and even a “green” farmhouse sinks which is made of  bamboo.
Copper farmhouse sinks easily fits well in rural kitchen designs just as it would in a contemporary designed home.  Other types of apron-front sinks gaining wide popularity are concrete apron sinks. They are timeless and versatile sinks whose contemporary styling makes them more accepted.
 Due to the unique structure of farmhouse sinks some will require custom-built countertops and cabinetry, however, with new models like the self-trimming farmhouse sinks, it is now possible to install them without the need to replace existing cabinetry. White porcelain, enameled cast iron, and acrylic are also wonderful, versatile options. 
Whatever your individual taste, the look and feel of the farmhouse sink is sure to satisfy your every needs.
Please browse Hen & Tilly’s array of farmhouse sinks and select one that truly highlights your design palette.

Yours Truly,

Hen & Tilly

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